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St AndrE HotelIn the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, on the beaches of Pampelonne


Saint Tropez The port of Saint-Tropez, "Site Ranked" since January 1939.

With its famous old port, you can walk on this beautiful dock, the real heart of the city. It is the meeting place for Tropéziens and visitors, sailors call.

This is also the place unmissable passionate about sailing as evidenced by a nautical calendar that brings the most beautiful races:

Armen, Giraglia Rolex Cup, Trophée Bailli de Suffren, les Voiles Latines, les Dragons, and of course, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez,...

Site chargé d'histoire depuis plus de 450 ans, avec ses habitants qui s'y installent à la fin du XVe siècle.

Bravade of Saint-TropezOver 450 years of history

The bravade of Saint-Tropez commemorate the memory of Tropéziens who fought and pushed the regular attacks of pirates and other enemies from the sea. the city of Saint-Tropez owes its name to the monks of the abbey of Saint-Victor de Marseille, who then baptized San Torpoint probably in the eleventh century.
These religious then owners of the manor of Saint-Tropez, there arose a chapel called "Ecclesia Sancti Torpetis" in remembrance of the martyrdom of Torpetius or Torpoint.

It was in the year 68 AD that Torpoint, steward of Nero, was martyred and beheaded at Pisa on the order of one for not recant his Christian faith. Then delivered to the sea in a boat with a rooster and a dog, its worn by the Ligurian current body fails on the shores of the Gulf peninsula.


The Citadelle Has its naval museum

Since the early seventeenth century, the citadel of Saint-Tropez overlooking the city. The most important element of defense between Antibes and Toulon for centuries, it remains one of the few monuments of this magnitude on the Var coast.
Originally its slopes were a "glaze" devoid of any vegetation that could "cannoner" enemy ships approaching too close to the city walls.


In the village of Ramatuelle, you can walk to the beach while staying at the St Andrew square next to the Tahiti beach.

Classified site

Heritage reflects a Greek and Roman influences that you can find today.


The Museum of the Annunciation, established in 1922, said that the city of Saint-Tropez was one of the most active of the avant-garde painting in the early twentieth century homes.

Nautical events